Amusement Park

After a summer of long nights and adventures, I said goodbye to Carly who moved back to Montreal. We went to the PNE, an amusement park in Vancouver, as our last hoorah. Take a look below:

HC_PNE (33 of 33)
This is Carly, she’s a babe!

HC_PNE (1 of 33)

The bright lights and neon signs make amusements parks come alive at night.

HC_PNE3Upping our caloric intake at the sundae stand run by the most adorable older lady.HC_PNE4Strawberry hot fudge. ‘Nuff said.

HC_PNE (32 of 33)

I love the colour cast in this photo that Carly took of me.

HC_PNE (31 of 33)

Here’s to more adventures in the future✌️.



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